How to Get Help in Windows 10

Learn how to get help in windows 10, Get help in windows 10 using step by step tutorial with pictures.

Get Help With Windows 10.

Among 73% of the web user in the world are using widows operating system and each individual initially requires some learning of using new things, as practice makes a man perfect also applies here but here it would be like using windows operating system more and experience the best available features in recently updated window 10 by an easy manual update which is available free for a year for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

You can easily access the help feature in windows 10:

  1. Click on the search button or directly type the question or keyword:

Type here for search

Here you can easily type your query or question you want to search and Microsoft will show you the relevant details and answers. You can easily search for a keyword and get the relevant questions in the suggestions and click on your question and explore the answers.

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  1. Press F1 functional key to get the help features :

F1 help

Here you will be simply redirected to the above displayed page and get as much information needed , Microsoft  is providing the general manual for all the people to be guided, as it’s a manual guide which will help you to learn all the features which were newly introduced or updated. Microsoft provides the best guide to answer your question and also provide virtual agent to make you show the path if you are stuck somewhere or needs any suggestion regarding your query , for this you can easily use the chat enabled interface and also avail call-support for your issues.

  1. Tips application in the windows store:

Tips!- Help

It is the pre-installed application comes while installing windows 10 as this feature will help you to develop your knowledge in using windows and how to enable and use the main features of some specific things will be viewed in the tips. It is the automatic feature which can be enabled and disabled and makes you aware of the possible things and increase your knowledge in using windows 10. Tips are considered to be the help providing at each instant to make you aware of how to use these features.

  1. Get help in search bar:


Here you will be redirected to some tips and tricks where you will be guided to use the stated things with all the ease and easily search more stuff if you are having any another issue and get help related to those things.

  1. Get help in settings tab:

Settings- Help

Here if you are using the settings and while any process or making changes if you face any issue then there is also an option of get help and provide a feedback as it will also redirect you to the help page and suggestions provided in the help window will be the searched results according to your search history and if you are redirected through any particular page then you will be served with related suggestions first.

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