How to Fix Error Code 43

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This error takes place in case the graphic device driver informs Windows about device not functioning properly.

This actually means that there is some hardware problem with the device, like driver/driver software is not working properly. In order to fix the error you can try the following solutions.

Update device driver

The driver updates for your Windows 10 or other devices like monitors, printers etc get downloaded & installed automatically via Windows Update.

It is very much possible that your system has latest driver but when you face issues with a device, try to solve the issue by updating your driver.

To do that you just need to tap & hold or just right click on – Start  button, and select – Device Manager.

You will get a list of the devices out of which you need to search for the device having an issue. There will be a yellow exclamation mark against it.  Tap & hold/right click the respective device and select  Properties.

Choose – Driver,  select – Update Driver.

Now select option that says– “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

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In case you find a driver update, it will start installing automatically. Choose – Close it once the installation process is complete.

Go back to the previous version of device driver

In case there is an update which was installed recently or you just updated the device driver/software then you can resolve the issue by jumping back the driver to its earlier version.

Right-click  Start  button and then select – Device Manager.

From the list of device that you see, search for the driver with issues. Now right click that specific device and select –Properties.

Select – Driver, and then choose – Roll Back Driver.

Uninstall & reinstall device driver

Sometimes, uninstalling & reinstalling can also solve the error.

Select –Start  button. In search box type – device manager and then choose –Device Manager from given list

From list of devices, identify the device with driver problems. Now, right-click device and select – Uninstall–OK.

Once the driver is uninstalled, right-click your PC’s name and select – Scan for hardware changes. This will install the device driver again .

To check if error is resolved , right-click device  name again. Underneath device on General tab, you can find the message  saying – “This device is working properly.”

In case you are not able to view this message, then check the documentation for the device or get in touch with the manufacturer.

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