Code 28 | Drivers for This Device Are Not Installed Error

Many times Windows users face this issue when the system is unable to recognize the connected device. At this stage they get error like – Code 28- “The Drivers for This Device Are Not Installed”

This error is actually associated with Device Manager and in many cases Code 28 actually means that your system doesn’t have the newest device’s drivers installed and you can simply install them.

Update Drivers for Device

This specific method can be helpful if you are sure that device is resulting in problems or you have the CD from the manufacturer with relevant drivers that can be installed. You just need to install drivers on the computer.

Just in case you are not having that CD – just download the newest driver via manufacturer’s official site.

Follow the steps given below

Download latest drivers manually via manufacturer’s website. Run – setup.exe or any other executable file which you downloaded earlier.

If the executable file is not present in downloads- run-Device Manager (run – Command prompt, type & run command msc), search for required device from the list. Right click it and select – Properties. Now move to –Driver tab and then press the button –Update Driver.

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A=Next, follow the instructions given on installation wizard and accordingly install the drivers required.

Search and Install required drivers with help of Device’s ID

If the device is not been recognized and you are not sure about which device is responsible for the issue then you may require its ID to search for that particular driver. Let’s see how you can search for the ID of the device:

Head to – Device Manager, look for Unknown device from the list, right click it and select – Properties;

In Properties move to the tab-Details, next, move to parameter given in section to – Hardware IDs

This will list a few IDs. Every ID will contain some detailed information regarding the device. Here we will look for the drivers with help of ID – right click it and just press – Copy

Once you find the device’s ID, look for the drivers you need. Firstly, you can search the ID on Google too to figure out the device’s name

After you find the name of device – just download drivers via manufacturer’s website/ 3rd party site (at own risk)

Try installing Drivers needed in Compatibility Mode

At times you can install the older drivers’ versions with Windows compatibility mode. If you have installation file for the drivers, (like manufacturer’s CD) that is leading in error then use the method as given below

Open folder wherein drivers’ installation file is stored and then right click it and select – Properties

Move to the tab- Compatibility

Check the box- Run this program in compatibility mode for: and then try a different version of OS.

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