How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000142 in Windows 10

There was some issue and the application couldn’t start normally resulting in error -0xc0000142, it happens when you are try to access any program/application.

This occurs because of certain files missing in system directory that need immediate fix and fixing the files helps you access the application which otherwise resulted in error code 0xc0000142.

Follow the given solutions that help you get the desired results.

Reboot PC.

Just carry out the normal restart of your system which will stop the current process and all system files will be closed. Now restart the system which will open the closed files again and the application with error code 0xc0000142 might get resolved after by opening the system files again.

Reinstall application.

Try to reinstall the application which is resulting in error code 0xc0000142, as there are chances that application installed on your computer accidentally lost its respective files because of which it is resulting in error when you open it. Now check if the error 0xc0000142 is eliminated or not.

Use troubleshooter.

Go to –windows settings–update and security– troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot—windows update

Now run the troubleshooter using the steps smartly and keep a check on the details given and troubleshooter itself will search for errors and repair automatically.

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Make use of this method to resolve the issues related to windows update and then simply restart your computer to apply changes. Now check windows update if it still is giving he error.

Repair corrupted files

Open – Command prompt

Enter this in prompt window– sfc/scannow

The scan process will be automatically started by the system wherein the system files get checked and in the process identify the corrupted files. If any corrupted file is detected, it will be shown and repaired automatically by replacing that file with another with help of cache memory.

You need to restart the system to apply all changes and this should fix the error

Application compatibility

There is a possibility of application that you are using doesn’t support your system and it requires changes in the properties of application to fix the error. You can do it by using steps given below

Right click the affect application

Go to – Properties

Click the tab- Compatibility

Select – Compatibility mode as per the system you are using

Click – Apply, click – OK

In case you come across issues related to compatibility you can follow the steps above and get results that will help you use your application again without error.

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