How to Fix Error Code 0xc00000f in Windows 10

 When you get error – 0xc00000f in Windows 10 it means there is an issue with BCD (Boot Configuration data).

When you get this error on the screen means your PC needs a repair and here are solutions that help you eliminate the error. The first thing that you need to do is to check and then repair is your PC or just rebuild BCD and EFI system partition

The solutions given below will help you resolve the problem and let Windows function properly without losing any data.

Remove USB or any other devices attached to computer

In many cases USB inserted in any of the computer ports can be the reason for the error. So, just remove USB and then reboot the PC and check if the error is resolved.

Check your hard drive

Before you proceed ensure that the hardware is not resulting in problem for you. To check this, run- CHKDSK tool and then check the hard disk. Here is how

Firstly, insert the installation CD/DVD into drive and then start the PC. Select – Repair your computer after you choose the correct keyboard, language etc.

Just choose – Windows installation drive which is ideally C”\ and then click – Next.

After you see the options for – System recovery start command prompt using those options. Type the command given below and hit enter

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Chkdsk C:/f

Let the process get over and check if there is any issue with the hard drive you are using.

Use set up wizard to repair your PC

Make use of – Repair your Computer to repair the error. To do this, ensure that you own a genuine bootable media in flash drive, USB, CD/DVD.

Insert CD/DVD and choose – language, time, currency format, and keyboard input method to install from the dropdowns available and click on- Next.

From set up wizard select – repair your computer. Let the tool itself resolve the issue and check if the system starts without the error.

Repair your computer

In case you don’t have a bootable CD/DVD/Pen Drive/USB then you can create it following the simple steps as stated below

Insert USB/Pen drive/CD/DVD having installation media into port/optical DVD drive

Restart the system and press- F2. The key may differ with every PC and some of them need you to press F3 or F4 instead so check for that. Once you see BIOS screen, choose right boot order.

Set pen drive/USB/Drive DVD/CD name in section of 1st boot device.

Press- F10 in order to save the settings you have change and reboot the system

Now the system may start without any error.

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